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Within walking distance of the campground is North Lake Harbour, where you will find two beautiful & secluded beaches! This side of the Harbour is a marvellous restaurant called the North Lake Harbour Boathouse Eatery - great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Over the bridge is the most beautiful beach as well as a wonderful lookout tower to view the birds & the boats. A little further on is One Tuna Cafe a great spot for pizzas or Poké bowls or if you'd rather cook at your site, check out their selection of fresh seafood.

Further afield but within biking distance, is the East Point Lighthouse - home to lighthouse tours, the Eastpoint Craft Shop & Cherry On Top Creamery for homemade ice cream.

As well, you can bike to the Elmira Railway Museum which is also where the start of the Confederation Trail is (or the end if you're from the North Cape!) - a great spot to bike along without worrying about car traffic.

Of course, you could drive to all these wonderful spots too but every now & again it's good to get out and stretch your legs eh?

Planning your adventure just got a whole lot easier thanks to the great folks at Points East Coastal Drive.

Their website has loads of info about things to do, where to eat, and beaches to visit. Bonus is they have an App for that!  Finding everyone's favourite beach has never been easier.

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